Cast across a kitchen floor, dark and distinct,
The shadow skirts two table legs to catch
The cook, the cat, and the corner cupboard unawares.
Up the far wall it climbs, covering the bricks
And the breaks between them,
Moving close, ever closer
To where you stand,
Waiting, watching,
Poised to shoot!

-"The Shadow Masters"

Fred Sandback

Fred Sandback creates sculptures that define and explore space using elastic cord and yarn.

Richard Serra

Look at...

Anthony McCall creates sculpture with light by using film projectors and fog machines in darkened rooms. He has been doing this since 1973.

Anish Kapoor at Barbara Gladstone and ICA

If you are lucky enough to be in New York or Boston over the next few weeks, check out the Anish Kapoor shows. One is up now at Barbara Gladstone Gallery and the other is going up on the 30th at ICA Boston.

It is highly reccommended...

Olafur Eliasson